Do you love cheese and want to make great cheese at home? You can! It’s fun, easy, healthy, and delicious! You might be wondering…

  • What cheeses should I start with?
  • Where can I find the necessary ingredients?
  • Will I need to buy a lot of expensive equipment?
  • Can I make aged cheeses, too?

We can answer these, and many more of your cheesemaking questions!

The Art of Cheese is dedicated to teaching home-cheesemakers how to make GREAT cheese with minimal fuss and equipment.

We offer 1 and 2-hour classes as well as full and multi-day courses – at our place or yours!

Check our calendar page for upcoming events and register today!

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Milk-Based Soap

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Soft Cheeses

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Ethnic Cheeses

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Hard Cheeses

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Alpine Cheeses

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Blue Veined

Have Fun… Make Great, Healthy Cheese… Impress Your Friends & Family!

Just imagine serving beautiful, handcrafted, all-natural cheeses to your friends and family. Our classes will walk you through the process, step-by-step, from sourcing the best milk, through de-mystifying the simple and magical transformation of milk into delectable cheese. Classes are fun and provide a variety of opportunities to really understand all aspects of cheesemaking.

We also offer a certification program where you can take multiple classes at a discounted rate and become a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Level Artisan Home-Cheesemaker!

Get ready to be creative! Cheesemaking is as much art as it is a science. Come learn with us!

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