Weekend “Cheese” Warriors Series: Asiago (fresh and aged) – March 18

Weekend “Cheese” Warriors Series: Asiago (fresh and aged) – March 18


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Join us for class three of this three-part series (come to one or all three!) where we’ll be moving into a slightly more advanced* cheese.   Asiago, which is similar to its cousin Parmesan, is a cow’s milk cheese from the northeastern region of Italy.  It is considered a mountain or Alpine cheese and can vary in flavor depending on its aging. Fresh Asiago cheese (Asiago Pressato) is semi-soft and mild flavored. Aged Asiago (Asiago D’Allevo) can be aged 2 months, 3 months, or 9 months or more. The longer it is aged, the more firm, dry, and sharp it will be. Asiago cheese has a very sweet and nutty flavor.

You’ll learn about both the “make” (the day you work with the milk) and the “affinage” (the aging) of this cheese.  We’ll teach you how to make a simple cheese press and we recommend that you set up a wine fridge or a mini fridge as your “cheese cave” when you’re ready to try these on your own.    We’ll sample some homemade examples as well as one award-winning Alpine cheese made by Haystack paired with a nice glass of wine.

* if you’re brand new to cheesemaking, we recommend that you register for and watch our free 20-minute Cheesemaking 101 course before you come to this class.