Online Classes & DVD

After years of offering cheesemaking classes locally in Longmont, Colorado,  we’re excited to announce the release of our first several online cheesemaking classes!

These classes are available on-demand online as well as in DVD format.  With these courses,  you will be able to take cheesemaking with you right into your home through “Cheesemaking Made Easy” brought to you by The Art of Cheese and Countryside Network.  Click on the video below for a short preview of the classes.


Three online “Cheesemaking Made Easy” classes are currently available (detailed descriptions below):

Cheesemaking 101: Intro to the Art & Science of Cheesemaking | Free | 20 Minutes   Register Here

Quick & Easy Cheese: Chevre, Cottage Cheese and Feta | $19.98 | 50 minutes   Register Here

Intro to Pressed & Aged Cheeses: Queso Fresco and Guido’s Italian Hard Cheese | $19.98 | 50 Minutes   Register Here

Special Offer – When you buy one class at the regular price, you will receive a coupon code to get the second class for only $10.00!
Each online class comes with free downloadable recipes and other useful information such as cheesemaking supply resources, good cheesemaking books, and lots of tips.

The DVD version includes all three of the above courses for $29.99 plus $4.00 S&H (for US addresses*)  BUY NOW

* e-mail if you want to have the DVD shipped outside of the United States

Detailed Course Descriptions:

Cheesemaking 101: Intro to the Art & Science of Cheesemaking:  I’ll share the basic science behind cheesemaking as I cover key ingredients, basic equipment, how to choose and source the best milks, and more. I’ll even walk you through the steps to make your own homemade artisan ricotta and you’ll discover that there’s as much art involved in making artisan cheeses as there is science!  This free intro course is great for all beginners to kick off your home cheesemaking journey.

Quick & Easy Cheese: Chevre, Cottage Cheese and Feta:  This beginner level class focuses on three easy cheeses that require minimal equipment and easy-to-find ingredients. From the classic goat cheese (chevre), to cottage cheese, and a dry-salted feta, these three cheeses use the exact same basic ingredients but utilize different techniques.  You’ll also get tips and recipes for variations on each of these cheeses including flavored chevres and a delicious herbed feta marinated in olive oil.  These three cheeses are quick, easy, nutritious and delicious!

Intro to Pressed & Aged Cheeses: Queso Fresco and Guido’s Italian Hard Cheese:  This intermediate level class focuses on two pressed cheeses:  Queso Fresco, a Latin American quick farm cheese,  and Guido’s Cheese, a nice Italian hard cheese.  The first is a pressed cheese that is eaten the same day you make it, while the second is pressed and then aged. These are both great cheeses to start with when you’re ready to move beyond soft cheeses. You’ll also learn how to wax a wheel of cheese and how to make your own cheese press for next to nothing!  And we’ll give you some ideas for creating an easy space for aging your cheeses.

If you’re wondering if home-cheesemaking is for you, read on for answers to these frequently asked questions!

Want to learn to make cheese, but feel like you’re too busy?

When my girls were little, my family decided to move to a farm and get a few goats. Pretty soon we had more milk than we knew what to do with. That’s when I started thinking about cheesemaking. But with an active family, work, and animals to care for, I thought I couldn’t squeeze in one more thing.

With a little bit of exploration, I soon discovered that basic cheesemaking was actually pretty simple, and much of it could be done even with my busy lifestyle. You can read more about my cheesemaking journey here. 

How much time does it really take to make cheese?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn a super quick way to make healthy fresh cheese for your family and friends. Just about 10 to 30 minutes of hands-on time is all it takes (depending on what type of cheese you make). And you won’t believe the taste and quality difference over store-bought products.

Do I need a lot of fancy equipment or supplies?

Nope. In my online courses I’ll show you exactly what you need. Almost everything is likely to be in your kitchen right now, and I’ll show you simple tricks to make some of the things you may not have. Supplies are easily found, and generally inexpensive.

How long will it take me to get good at making cheese?

If you’re already a cook, you know the old saying “start with good ingredients…” With the right raw materials and skilled instruction, your very first cheese will be ready in about 24 to 36 hours, and you’ll be blown away by the incredible depth of flavors.

I’ll teach you all about the different kinds of milk, and the other types of ingredients you may choose to use if (when!) you get hooked on cheesemaking and want to move on to more advanced cheeses.

Are pressed and aged cheeses a lot harder to make?

More advanced cheeses require more time and a little more equipment, but you can generally fit the various steps into your day, in small segments.   And the end results are well worth the effort.

Don’t have time to come to our live classes – or live too far away?

That’s exactly why I’ve created the online courses. The longest video is 45 minutes, but I’ve intentionally structured them so that you can absorb the material in small bites – watch a little at a time. And since the videos are available online, you can watch at any time, night or day.

With the online courses you’ll get all the skills you need to create your own cheesy masterpieces. Who knows? You may even decide you need a goat or two.

Why not just look for free videos online?

It’s no secret that there are lots of free how-to videos to learn just about anything (including cheesemaking) on the internet. The difference with my courses is that I have many years of experience teaching cheesemaking to both novice and advanced cheesemakers. That means that my courses include tips and tricks that I’ve learned from working with hundreds of students over the years. And that translates to quicker, more successful learning for you.  Plus the professional production of our videos, which includes relevant graphics and reminders on screen, will really enhance your ability to absorb and remember the information provided.

Ready to start making cheese? 

The online classes will be available in early March.   E-mail me at if you’d like to be alerted when they’re ready.  You can also subscribe to our newsletter (and get our free Cheesy-Pedia) so you’ll be the first to know when the classes are ready for purchase!