The Art of Cheese Launches Online Cheesemaking Classes

The Art of Cheese Launches Online Cheesemaking Classes

I’m excited to announce that after years of offering cheesemaking classes in Longmont, Colorado I will be expanding and offering my first series of online cheesemaking classes.

The three online classes launch in mid-March and will be available on-demand online as well as in *DVD format. My aim is to bring cheesemaking right into your home with the “Cheesemaking Made Easy” online series brought to you by The Art of Cheese and a partnership with Countryside Network.

Online Classes:

The first class is Cheesemaking 101: Intro to the Art & Science of Cheesemaking. This course will be offered for free and is a 15 minute intro on the basic science behind cheesemaking. I focus on key ingredients, basic equipment, how to choose and source the best milks, and more. I’ll also teach you step-by-step how to make your own artisan ricotta!  This is a great intro course for all beginners to kick off your home cheesemaking journey.

The second class is Quick & Easy Cheese: Chevre, Cottage Cheese and Feta. This class is offered individually at **$19.99 and is 50 minutes in length. This beginner level class focuses on three easy cheese that require minimal equipment and easy-to-find ingredients. From the classic goat cheese (chevre), to cottage cheese, and a dry-salted feta, these three cheeses use the exact same ingredients but utilize different techniques. There’s a bonus on how to make flavored chevres and a delicious herbed feta marinated in olive oil.

The third class is Intro to Pressed & Aged Cheeses: Queso Fresco and Guido’s Italian Hard Cheese. This class is offered individually at **$19.99 and is 50 minutes in length. This intermediate level class focuses on two pressed cheese: Queso Fresco, a Latin American farm cheese and Guidos’ Cheese, a nice Italian hard cheese. These cheeses are both pressed but one is eaten fresh the same day you make it, and the other is aged for a bit.  These are great intermediate cheeses to start with when you’re ready to move beyond soft cheeses. I also show how to wax a wheel of cheese, how to make your own cheese press for next to nothing, and provide ideas for creating an easy space for cheese aging!

Each online class will come with free downloadable recipes, cheesemaking supply resources, good cheesemaking books, and many tips.


Our in person classes are still doing wonderfully and our calendar is more full than ever. We will continue to offer our classes locally in Longmont, Colorado.

The online classes are a longtime dream of mine and a way to extend my teaching and love of cheese right into your kitchen and potentially around the world. For my existing students, I also believe these are supplementary to the in-person classes you’ve taken (in case you don’t remember every word I share!)

We filmed with a James Beard award-winning video production team and all filming happened right in my very own kitchen (see below).

Yes, right where I do my own cheesemaking and on the farm/home where I raise my dairy goats.

You can watch the trailer below to get a sneak peek into what’s to come:

Thanks for your support! Let me know if you have any questions.

*The DVD version will include all three of the above courses for $34.99.
**Special Offer: When bought together, the joint classes are $29.99.

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